Alpha Shade Releases Alpha Rant Boxset and Animated DVD

Alpha Shade‘s Alpha Rant releases their first audio box set and animated DVD, giving their fans an unbelievable 107 hours of audio and one full hour of animation.

Click Here to see an animation sample.

Christopher and Joseph Brudlos the creators of the webcomic Alpha Shade, have been doing an audio commentary/rant show since the summer of 2003. Now at long last, all of their audio archives have been compiled into the ultimate Alpha Rant collection.

More than 107 hours of rants presented in a convenient mp3 format. For 3 years the Brudlos Brothers have been telling it like it is about webcomics, movies, and just about everything else. Part rant, part development log, part audio reviews there’s something for just about everyone.

With over 108 hours of content, the Alpha Rant Boxset is a must have for all Alpha Rant fans!

Available from the Alpha Store, The Boxset includes:

The Animations DVD
Over an hour of animated shorts taken from the first three seasons of Alpha Rant.

Alpha Rant Season 1 Jul ’03 – Dec ’03
82 Tracks – 20 hours 50 minutes

Alpha Rant Season 2 Jan ’04 – May ’05
106 Tracks – 45 hr. 25 min.

Alpha Rant Season 3 May ’05 – Dec ’05
72 Tracks – 40 hr. 57 min.