The Alternative Comic Apocalypse

Tom Tommorrow has a post with commentary from Max Cannon about the increasing number of alternative weekly papers simply dropping all of their comics.  I emphasize with Cannon as to not at all getting why papers are dropping one of the most popular parts of their paper but still grimace when I see that Cannon isn’t making anything from or via his web presence. 

I have no idea what Tom Tomorrow and Max Cannon have tried to do (well I do know Tom Tomorrow has used his site as a decent political blog for awhile and has sometimes pushed a book of his through it but I think that’s it…) but I’m sort of shocked that a popular cartoonist isn’t trying harder to push up the percentage of their revenue from new sources like a web strategy.  Even the sharply declining newspapers themselves now have a decent chunk of their revenue from online publication efforts (not enough to repleace what they’re losing but not 0% either).



Xaviar Xerexes

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