Announcing the Collective of Heroes

Greetings, Everyone! I’m Scott Story, artist on Johnny Saturn, and I am super proud to announce the opening of Collective of Heroes, a superhero webcomic collective.  I’m joined in this by Arne Schulenberg (Union of Heroes) and Scott Austin (Heroes Inc.)  I consider Scott and Arne to be my peers, so that makes it doubly exciting! We will soon be adding up to five more webcomics into the group.

The Collective of Heroes is non-exclusive, so you can retain membership in other collectives, and it will consist of up to eight webcomics that I’ve decided have very high production values and consistently update.  I’m being careful about who I invite to join, because I want the Collective of Heroes brand to stand for top quality superhero webcomics.

If I don’t decide to include a comic, or all eight positions are filled, you still have the option of joining the Honor Roll!  This will be made up of all superhero webcomics, and it just takes an email to me to join.

If you think superheroes aren’t your thing, then remember that these webcomics are created by top tier indie cartoonists who are free to play around with the conventions of the genre.  So, please visit “Collective of Heroes,” join our message board, and visit some of the best superhero comics or webcomics out there!

Scott Story