Another interesting hard post on sex & the webcomic

A good post from hard on “The Myth of ‘Sex Sells'”:

I’m really tired of hearing this — so many people believe it that it MUST BE TRUE, and applicable to as many situations as possible. I’m going to write a big ass rant on this, to challenge the idea that “sex really sells”. Granted, sex is enough to get people’s attention, but does it keep it? Does it make you want to buy stuff that’s completely unrelated to sex? And what does sex exactly sell anyways?

Furthermore, how does it apply to webcomics and their audience? I mean, doesn’t “sex sells” imply that webcomics have something to sell? Does this phrase have any meaning when a) most webcomics are free anyways b) people only generally surf on the web places that interest them anyways — they wouldn’t go into a sex comic site if they weren’t already interested in one in the first place. I think people who use this phrase and apply it to webcomics are incredibly naive, and lack an understanding of the phrase and/or how webcomics get readers.


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