Any Webcomic Tips for 2009?

Hope everyone is having a good 2009 so far.  I’m looking for good new stuff to read online – if you want to share a recommendation with me, leave a comment on it below.  Thanks!

And here’s some newsy stuff:

Really good interview with Karl Kerschl, the creator of The Abominable Charles Christopher. (h/t Journalisa!)

ZUDA is putting some of its webcomic winners in print… finally!  In an interview with the creators of The Black Cherry Bombshells, there is mention that Bayou and High Moon are coming first and that The Black Cherry Bombshells should follow in 2010.

Sean Kleefeld (who I still think of as a print comics guy for whatever reason) has a post titled "Wait – You Still BUY Comics? How TwenCen!" pointing out all of the free comics you can get on the web (handy if you can’t afford to buy comics in print anymore).

Instructables has a how-to for making "quick and easy webcomics".

The How To Get Your Food Spit In blog has a recurring photo-webcomic that’s pretty funny.  Don’t criticize it though or it’ll spit in your browser…




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