And Now Your Morning Webcomics News Update…

A great time was had by all at the Washington Webcomics Meetup last night. Chris, Phil, Jamie, Rob, Joey & Joe, T, and myself talked webcomics for a really long time. I heard a lot of interesting information, but these meetups are generally “off the record” (even webcomic journalists have some standards!) and I’ll have to check back on whether there’s anything I can report right now.

Bo Lindberg reports that the secret comics database continues to expand with the recent addition of Get Medieval. The “secret comics database” lets you search through the text of nine different web comics to find specific strips or characters. (Faciliatating the creation of text archives by the user (or fans) might be a nifty addition to the WebcomicsNation service.)

A new webcomics blog (link via Phil) called “Comics Rock” by Andrew Araki, looks like a good read. The most recent posts are on Fallen Angels, Used Books and Questionable Content.

Scott McCloud linked to someone writing about a bit of McCloud’s theory of comics but from that site I found David Lasky’s site with a small gallery of webcomics, including this adaption of a bit of Ulysses.

John Allison is almost done with the Scary Go Round deck of cards. I would like to own such a deck.

T Campbell and Eric Burns both have brief comments on Squidi’s announced departure from webcomics. I second Burns’ support for the very well thought out archive system employed by Squidi. (“Seasons” and thumbnail browsing might make nice additions to WebcomicsNation as well) But I take issue with Burns on Conrad. Joseph Conrad is the f&*kin’ sh1znit of novelists IMHO. Continue Reading