Book Launch: The Best of Jen

Catherine Harrell’s webcomic, Jen, is now available in print. Her new book, “The Best of Jen,” highlights the most recent samples of the strip, with over three hundred comics collected from the 2004 archives.

Jen is a humorous comic about the adventures of four children, a quirky group of friends named Jen, Madison, Sparkle, and Avery. The characters encounter peculiar situations throughout the book, including radical haircuts, lost cats, irresistible soap bubbles, and missing smoothies. The strip appears in soft pastel colors with simple line art, and each cartoon is kid-friendly.

“It’s the world as I’d like it to be,” says Adrian Ramos, author of the popular webcomic Count Your Sheep. “It’s very brave. It has no edge, it’s just purely soft and sweet and pastel.” Continue Reading