Lions and Tigers and Blogs, Oh My!

A late night wrap up of the week that was. And Happy Holidays to everyone around the world. Stay safe and happy out there.

New group blog, FLEEN on webcomics spawned by Jon Rosenberg. Although I don’t agree with Rosenberg’s categorial rant on creator-written articles about webcomics, I am all in favor of FLEEN’s stated mission of using non-webcomics creators to write on webcomics. Because anything that draws in more good writers interested in writing about webcomics is a good thing for webcomics and frankly for Comixpedia. Don’t get me wrong, I love our current crew of contributors. It’s just given our ridiculously low pay (BUT HEY! COMIXPEDIA DOES PAY FOR CONTRIBUTIONS, if you hadn’t heard that) it’s not easy to recruit people who don’t already love the medium going in.

Also Eric wrote an essay responding to Jon’s post. Since Eric is a webcomic creator and critic, it’s not surprising he was interested in responding to Jon.

I also got a press release from Powerful Press about new issues of their comic titles, METADAWN and NOCTURNAL ESSENCE. Right now all of the archives at their site are free to readers.

Speaking of writing about comics it’s been awhile since I’ve mentioned it so here’s the link to the Comics Blog Update Machine where you can find up-to-the-minute links to a lot of blogs on comics.

And last but not least – here’s the latest addition to the new Comixpedia creators library: Kevin Robertson. Robertson’s webcomic is Beyond The Punchline. Continue Reading