Collegial Thursdays From Heck!!!

Good news! College Roomies from Hell!!! is back from hiatus. Creator Maritza Campos had one hellheck of a cute baby on July 7th and took some time off afterwards.

American Elf creator James Kochalka has a fan blog written by Alan David Doane that is Kochalkaholic! (thanks to bugpowder for the link).

John Allison ponders drawing versus computerin’ webcomics art. As someone who has drawn and computered two of the more beloved webcomics, Allison knows what he’s talking about.

Korsil reports that webcomics artists Kat Santoro (from Cat Legend) and Will Ritter (from That Guy) are going to be married on August 28th.

In sort of webcomics news, would it annoy folks if I pointed out that “That’s Nothing Man” is the best idea Scott Adams has had in years? If Adams has to veer into the Adam Sandler school of humor to find the funny again, so be it.

And in not webcomics news, apparently Darth Vader has a posse (and Kit Fisto has meat dreadlocks). Continue Reading


It’s Walky has Ended

It’s Walky by David Willis has ended.

The last strip aired today, Oct. 27th. With it, a seven-year long saga is gone.

Maritza Campos commented, “I absolutely loved the last storylines, which are truly a testament to the accumulated experience and learning Willis has gathered through years of daily updating his strip and coloring some other works. We IW fans are sad, but still remains the promise of more exciting work from this talented and prolific veteran of webcomics.” Continue Reading