Tuesday Means Webcomics

So I’m traveling this week and only sporadically online and in touch with the webcomic gesalt. But here’s what caught my eye in my rapid surf session this morning.

This week’s “I can’t believe he made that topic funny” award goes to Jon Rosenberg for the latest Goats. All I can say is that Neil (or is it Bob?) has one hell of a urinary tract.

I have a not-finished SPXPO report on my laptop right now but in the meantime check out Tom Spurgeon’s roundup of SPXPO reports. Also he links to another DC-area event, the 10th annual International Comic Arts Festival which takes place in October.

The Webcomics Telethon now has a book for sale. That has been an amazing effort by the Blank Label guys and webcomic creators and fans all around.

One more reason why Wednesday White is cool – giving Eric crap for not appreciating the Ur-Muppet. Honestly though compared to the original Muppet Movie, the rest of them are uneven. And if you are old enough to have watched them as a kid, rewatching the Muppet TV show episodes now – they hold up pretty well.

Phil Kahn gives a rave up to Big Fat Whale which is a great satirical strip. BFW is by Brian McFadden who I met at this year’s SPXPO. (I reviewed BFW positively sometime ago on Comixpedia)

And last but not least I almost let this slip in my over-busy schedule this month but it’s the DECADE anniversary of Deathworld by Rudi Gunther. Rudi is a heck of a nice guy having helped out on many webcomic events like Fright Night and his work on Deathworld shows tremendous evolution over the years. If you’re new to the strip a good place to start is with the “Dark Heart” storyline (hat tip to Ping Teo for that suggestion). Continue Reading