Crescent and Claw – collected comic strips

The first collection of Juniper Crescent and The Sapphire Claw comic strips is now available. With nearly 120 pages of black and white interiors and a full-colour cover, this smart volume will be a must-have addition to the shelves of all discerning comic readers.

Details on how to purchase the book are available at this link. (Although the UK link hasn’t been fully sorted, those of you wishing to purchase the book from the US link can do so already.) Continue Reading

UK Comic Festival Awards for Best Online Comic

The 5th Annual Official UK Comic Festival was held in Bristol this year.

At the convention, fans vote for the Convention awards, including the Bulletproof Comics Award for “Best Online Strip.” This year’s winner is Fred the Clown by Roger Langridge. Other webcomics receiving votes included: Oddcases, Nowhere Girl, Bash St Kids, Juniper Crescent, PVP, Astounding Space Thrills, Death Takes A Holiday, and Miffy. Continue Reading

Just Adventure Gaming Site Picks Up Steve Ince’s Dane & Joe

Dane & Joe, the new comic strip by Steve Ince, is being hosted by the top adventure gaming site, Just Adventure. Starting today, April 18th, a new strip will be appearing each Friday (a full week before being posted on the Juniper Crescent web site).

Steve Ince’s day job is as a game designer and producer for Revolution Software. He has worked on such luminary titles as Broken Sword, Beneath a Steel Sky and In Cold Blood. Continue Reading


New WebComic, Dane and Joe, from Creator of Juniper Crescent

Steve Ince, (creator of Juniper Crescent) has begun a new spin-off strip called Dane and Joe that while touching on computers and video gaming will follow the lives of these two twenty-somethings through typical shenigans and whatnot.

Steve Ince’s other strips, Juniper Crescent and Sapphire Claw will continue to update. Juniper Crescent has hit 100 strips in its first year and a half of publication. The Sapphire Claw has been appearing for about a year. Continue Reading