Tuesday Afternoon Updates

News from two directory/top list sites: Buzzcomix has started up again, with a new look and interface at the same URL, http://www.buzzcomix.net; and Online Comics announced a new category system for its webcomic listings. Webcomics can now be listed there in up to 2 genres, 2 art styles, and 2 formats.

The Comic Reporter reports that there will be no Wizard World Atlanta in 2006 (and hopefully a 2007 version will be scheduled not to conflict with Heroes Con).

If you’re interested in the UK Small Press scene check out the revitalized Bug Powder blog which sometimes includes webcomic news.

ANd from BLOGVILLE!, here’s a nice piece of praise of Wapsi Square from Hospitalville. Johanna Draper Carlson notices the launch of WebcomicsNation. Pelogrande points out that today is the birthday of both filmmaker Kevin Smith and comicmaker Josh Lesnick.

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WOMEN IN WEBCOMICS enters its second week…

The WOMEN IN WEBCOMICS theme enters its second week. Welton Corbert by Ryan Estrada,has an old cartoonist adapting to the Information Age and interviewing Andrea Peterson, creator of No Rest for the Wicked. The author of Namir Deiter grants us an interview in High Marks: An interview with Isabel Marks by Laura Swearingen-Steadwell. A noted webcomics critic knows when he’s not wanted, in the latest installment of Feeding Snarky by Eric Burns. There’s also a look at what the gender ratio actually is among webcomic creators at Crunching the numbers by Erik Melander, and how it compares with print comics. Continue Reading


Al Schroeder Talks to the Sparking Generation: An Interview with Kittyhawk

Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki is without a doubt the most oddly-named, and unusual variant of Norse mythology ever printed in comic form. Yet in some ways it’s closer to the original Norse myths than anything Lee and Kirby ever did with Thor. With a sixteen-year-old boy who turns into a Norse battle-valkyrie, (including a change to the female gender) it is alternately exciting, action-filled, and humor-filled. Its creator, Kittyhawk, was kind enough to give us an interview.

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A Little Necromancy Never Hurt Anybody: Al Schroeder Talks to Tom Stackpole

Tom Stackpole does the experimental and innovative Invisible Forces for PV Comics and at his own site, bonedancer.com has published such innovative works as Talking Drunk Driver Blues, and the The Diptheria Plague. His newest work at his own site is Jake Dyson’s Big Move.

Stackpole took a few minutes out a hectic schedule for an interview with Comixpedia’s Al Schroeder.

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Last But Not the Least We Could Do: An Interview with Sohmer and Porter

Least I Could Do is about the obsessively and yet endearingly ever-horny Rayne and his cast of supporting characters has been drawing in hordes of laughing readers over the past two years. They've just published their first collection of strips, and are in negotiation for a possible animated series. Ryan Sohmer and Chad Porter, who write and draw the comic respectively, were kind enough to give us an interview.

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