CROSSOVERLORD CHRISMAS CAMEOS (The Green Avenger and Wonderella)

In the Dec. 23rd update of the CROSSOVERLORD we have not only a guest cameo from Wonderella but the return of the WCCA-award winning GREEN AVENGER with a page done by the Green Avenger‘s creator, Abby Lark!

This is all a special Crossoverlord Christmas present to our readers, and fans of both Wonderella and The Green Avenger! (And yes, Abby assures us that TGA will be returning … eventually.)

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What Readers Know….

Emelie Friberg and Mattias Thorelli are the creators of the relatively new webcomic What Birds Know. WBK concerns the adventures of three young women. That may not sound like much actually, but the art and writing are so sure-handed that readers can already sense they are reading something special. Most recently, Friberg and Thorelli entered their webcomic in the now suspended Webcomic Idol contest which brought them some additional exposure and praise. We interviewed them to find out a little more about the creators of this wonderful new comic and what's in store for What Birds Know.

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An Interview with Tom Siddell, Creator of Gunnerkrigg Court

With its marvelously moody school setting and low-key heroine, Antimoney, Tom Siddell's Gunnerkrigg Court is a delightfully fun webcomic that still manages to pack in hints of danger and adventure. At last year's WCCAs, Gunnerkrigg Court was nominated for four awards and took home the WCCA Award for Best Newcomer. Even bigger for Siddell, however, may have been gaining noted author Neil Gaiman as a reader along with a mention on his well-read blog. We caught up with him on the edge of 2007 to see what's in store for the new year.

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An Interview with Multiplex’s Gordon McAlpin

Al Schroeder talks with Gordon McAlpin, the creator of the webcomic Multiplex about movies, webcomics, and what’s playing at the theatres in heaven and hell.  The webcomic Multiplex follows the employees at a movie theater with wit and style, and is a hit with webcomic and movie fans alike.

Tell us something about yourself that we don’t know. (I don’t think love of movies counts.)

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It’s Not Easy Being Green: An Interview with The Green Avenger’s Abby L.

Abby L., the creator of The Green Avenger, has created the Peter Parker of super-heroines… fallible, fun, realistic-looking and prone to weight fluctuations.  Her superheroine saga often reworks standard superhero conventions either through flipping the genders (a character named Jack in the webcomic has been referred to as The Green Avenger's "Lois Lane") or simply by taking them in a new direction.

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