Gonzo Gaming: An Interview with Scott Ramsoomair of VG Cats

Scott Ramsoomair's VG Cats is a gaming webcomic unlike any other. Where else would you find the adventures of a costumed adventurer named Pants Man or an alien face-hugger that enjoys that experience a little… too much.


Tell us something about yourself.

I haven't killed any babies. Today anyway. I can't help myself; it's just so easy!


You have beautiful colored art with excellent use of filters and Flash. Who were your artistic influences?

As far as drawing goes John Kricfalusi has been an hero for me. The way he handles expression, reaction, and evolution of character has always been something I admired. So I've made sure to try and push what I can create because of this.

Now as for the computer side of it, the comic MacHall really opened my eyes. Ian McConville's art work showed me what was possible using the computer as a canvas. From there I studied tutorials and gradually adopted a style of my own.


What humorists/writers/Saturday morning cartoons most influence your writing and humor?

Oh man, what didn't. I watched and read an appalling amount of mush as a kid. Garfield was the first comic I ever read. We'd get these scholastic flyers in class every month. While the other kids would order actual books and receive a proper education, me? I'd order comics. After the Garfield collections others like The Far Side and Calvin and Hobbes would follow.

The very first comic I drew (and saved, thanks mom!) was in the 4th grade. It was a direct rip-off of a Garfield comic. Three characters; a guy made no more of eyeballs and appendages, a snake, and a spider. I'd draw these strips through out the year and actually make new comics of my own. It's a riot to look back on.


What video games were you most obsessed with as a kid?

Bubble Bobble.. I always seem to have more fun on the games I can play co-op. I can't remember how far we got in that thing. I just remember *hours* of bobble.


What video games are you most obsessed with right now?

The new game here and there always gets my attention. I always seem to go back to Halo however. It's a very refined multiplayer not unlike Goldeneye 64.


Who's your favorite character? Pants Man? Krug? The pink girl-cat, Aeris?

Potatomoto. I hope I spelled that right. He's a little tiny potato Shiggy Miyamoto.


One of your strips really stood out to me. Your alien face-hugger strip RUINED the Alien movies for me. *Grin* Do you have a favorite strip?

Good God I hate them all. This is only because I stare at them for so long while making it. Every strip is a magnification of the flaws of development.


Which of your characters is most like yourself? Leo? Aeris? Johnny Evilguy?

They all relate to me at some point. It's like your spilt personality on paper. How delightfully psychotic.


What's been your best gaming experience? What's been your worst?

The best was a three-hour game of Smash Brother 64 on five lives. Kirby is a bad mother. The worst has to be losing my first PS2 memory card. That was a heart breaker. Leveled up Dante like you wouldn't believe.


What are your future plans for VGCats? Collection of strips in a graphic novel? Anything else? What about other projects?

The book is almost done but won't be out until the holiday season. It's been pushed back while another super big project is in the works. I'd love to say what it is but I can't quite yet.

Oh how I want to!

Lets just say the previous endeavors were fan projects. This one I'm in control of.



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