Tuesday. Heh.

First off – a new edition of Modern Humor Authority from Kris Straub – a late update to our week 1 slate of articles for the August issue of Comixpedia.

Hey what do you know – Bob‘s Your Uncle The Squirrel has a print book with 28 pages of classic Bob The Squirrel strips plus a brand new 10 page story not available anywhere else. The book is for sale at the Bob The Squirrel website.

Dumbrella officially expands nabbing Steven Cloud and his webcomic BOASAS from Dayfree Press. No word yet on whether Dayfree Press will look for a replacement webcomic.

Webcomics drama, apparently, came come from anywhere or anything.

And in the “That’s An Interesting Approach Dept”: Royce Day is looking for beta readers for a new webcomic project. Continue Reading