Art & Narrative: If at First You Fail, Write a Column About It

If at First You Fail, Write a Column About It

If you’re reading closely you will probably have noticed that much of this month’s Comixpedia content is related to diary comics. It was an interesting choice, and one that appealed to me right away, being a regular reader of American Elf and The Journal Comic. At the same time, I didn’t know what to say about the current trend towards autobiography and introspection in webcomics – so I tried drawing one of my own.

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Art and Narrative: Bursting the Bubble and the Context of Text in Comics

Last month I wrote about the developing potential of the webcomic medium, and the some of the way in which the inherited conventions of print have made some creators reluctant to experiment. Conventions (and I’m not talking about the one in San Diego) are immensely important to any language, as they communicate important information and offer an identifiable standard to help facilitate understanding.

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Art & Narrative: Splitting the Atom Or A Comic Call to Arms

Love him or leave him, no one has set the comics world on its ear in the last several years like Scott McCloud. His books Understanding Comics, and its sequel Reinventing Comics have challenged many preconceived notions of what comics are and still might be. Like a general marshalling his troops, McCloud has invigorated discussion and debate, and inspired a host of people to take up their pencils, markers and tablets to become part of the push towards whatever it is that Comics may become.

So, what are they becoming?

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Scary Go Round Takes the Print World By Storm

John Allison’s latest bit of brilliance is about to hit print!

Looks, Brains & Everything, the first Scary Go Round collection is now available for pre-order. And as if that weren’t good enough, the first 200 people to pre-order will apparently get their names in the back of the book for posterity. It’s 128 full-color pages, and packed with creepy goodness (or so rumour has it).
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