Making Comics From Home Causes Trouble For Ramon Perez

Ramon Perez is facing eviction because of a zoning law in Toronoto that says he "must be operating a business on the premises and not residing within them." 

Perez was told by his superindentant that he would not be evicted because he is a good tenant and always pays his rent, but that they were using this to evict bad tenants.

"[I] laughed and said i’m not going to take your word over a signed piece of paper. i sign that lease and i’m putting the noose around my neck and just waiting for the landlord to push!"

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Integrating Text And Images In Comics

I’d like to take a little time to talk about creative ways to integrate text into comics. When I first started making webcomics, I didn’t give much thought to how the text would become part of my images. I drew the art, scanned it and typed in the words in the last stage of the production. This led to some very awkward passages in my webcomics.

Usually, text is used in speech balloons; sound effects; narration boxes and in very rare cases, the words become part of the image themselves. But sometimes artists stretch these standards to make something truly innovative in their work.

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