Contest – Free Custom iPod shuffle, No Strings Attached

The Webcomic is giving away yet another item to a lucky reader of their webcomic. This month’s Giveaway is an Customized iPod shuffle to the lucky winner of their forum entry contest. What better way to store your art files and also relax with a few tunes? The iPod and all of the iPod packaging materials will be hand customized to match the website by Onezumi herself. Here is the official announcement and the Entry Rules are here.

There is no hidden catch or crazy marketing scheme. Click here to see the privacy and usage policy. Onezumi and Harknell hate when they get spam, so they will never spam you or sell your information. As always, all you have to do is read their site and be creative. Click beyond the jump to learn more about Onezumi and Harknell.
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