Elf Only Inn calling it quits

Artist Josh Sortelli called it quits today over his popular keenspace comic, Elf Only Inn.

I have decided to quit the comic indefinitely, because at this moment I’m not enjoying dedicating so much of my free time to it. Until the stress stops outweighing the rewards, I’m officially retired.

There is still a lot I’d liked to have done with Elf Only Inn, so many stories I haven’t done and characters I haven’t introduced, but they will simply have to wait. There’s been an ever growing pile of things that I’d like to do that I have put off because I needed the time to keep this comic running, and I’ve only kept it running at a half-assed pace because my mind and heart are elsewhere.

Thanks to the friends and fellow artists who made this so much fun while it lasted.

EOI had just recently returned from hiatus after celebrating it’s one year anniversary in May. Continue Reading


Paragon Fishing, Now Six Days a Week

Starting Monday, June 23rd, webcomic Paragon Fishing will double up on its comic schedule and show six comics a week. The strips will run every Monday though Saturday. It’s a summertime only thing and hopefully will bring joy and mirth to all that it touches.

Paragon Fishing is a quaint little humor comic about some strange people who are living in a polythiestic world of modern mythology. Continue Reading