Markus muller looking for a hand in Flash

Infinite Canvas is an application to create infinite canvas webcomics developed by Markus Müller. Recently on his blog Müller issued a question that someone might be able to help him with:

I’m currently working on a Flash Viewer, but unfortunately I ran into several performance issues. The animations are very choppy and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. So if you are an ActionScript expert and are willing to help me improve my code, PLEASE contact me. Thank you!

The next version of the Infinite Canvas application is supposed to support export in Flash – hopefully someone can hook Müller up with the right expertise. Continue Reading

Von Flue Starts Daily Webcomic

How much of an affect does format, frequency and humor have on a webcomics success? Neal Von Flue is attempting to figure these things out (and attempting to see how the other half lives) by starting his first daily webstrip called Underhunt.

“The premise is each week I will draw new art and then spend the rest of the time using the art to write new comics published daily,” said Von Flue. “It’s also not going to be funny. On purpose. It’s about as mean and depressing as you can get. Well, I have to admit they make me giggle occasionally, so let’s just say I’m ‘deliberately shying from a standard comedic formula.'”

The comics will run on his site as well as in the Underhunt LiveJournal. One week of the strip is up and a special election week is being wedged in currently. Continue Reading