Webcomics Creators Band to Save ConnectiCon

Perhaps no convention has done more to embrace webcomics creators of all degrees of experience as ConnectiCon, run by Matt Daigle and Briana Benn. As this year’s convention came to a successful conclusion, the con was suddenly hit with unexpected expenses long into the five figures. Now, some well-known webcomics authors are donating their resources to saving Matt and Briana from financial ruin, as well as saving the con itself. Continue Reading

Webcomics Vault Will Sell Your Book at SDCC

The creators of five notable webcomics: Sluggy Freelance, Star Cross’d Destiny, Fragile Gravity, PartiallyClips, and Order of the Stick, have formed a booth-sharing group called Webcomics Vault for San Diego Comic Con 2005. In addition to their own merchandise, Webcomics Vault plans to act as a retail bookseller for other webcomics creators who can’t attend.

UPDATE: Webcomics Vault was not able to obtain SDCC booth space this year afterall (SDCC just informed them today) so it will not happen this year. Maybe in 2006! Continue Reading