New Art Style at Basil Flint

Over at Basil Flint, P.I. by self-proclaimed webcomic legend John Troutman, strange things are brewing – in the midst of a new storyline wherein Flint has to track down a kidnapper, the big eyes art style that’s been Troutman’s trademark has been replaced once again by eyes that are quite small indeed. Perhaps in time they will grow slightly bigger, but probably not by much. Is the new art style an improvement? Go see for yourself! Continue Reading


No “Space” To Call Your Own?

The costs and troubles that come through actively maintaining an Internet server have never been easy things to deal with, but come June of 2000, Keenspace was created despite the risks. In those days, the ad market was enough to support such an endeavour without killing the people behind it. Of course, a FREE hosting service for webcomics with a plethora of perks proved irresistible to cartoonist wannabes.

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