Searching for a Host

A small request from ThomasTails, an aspiring webtoonist:

The host. The most trusted person on the Internet. And yet, one of the most unreliable. Here is my paradox. The first major discriminator is cost. I’m a thirteen year old, who is going to go into high school when the summer is over, and I’m not going to have much money. Well, there is geocities and angelfire. But wait, no. Why? Let’s say your publishing Your comic is going to be considered low quality becuse of it.

You don’t go, making web comics, so that it will make tons of money. You go in with the understanding that you are going to make squat and that you will be lucky if you ever get in the black for all of the time and effort that you invested in it. You have a story to tell, and you want to tell it. And there you go. You understand my problem. I may not get very far, if I don’t find a good host. I need direction.

So, is Keenspace accepting new sites again? What other hosting options (extremely low cost, let’s say under $9 a month) have readers had a good experience with? Continue Reading