Adventures Into Digital Comics Filmmaker Interview on Digital Strips

This week’s episode of Digital Strips features an interview with Sebastien Dumesnil and Robert Nichols, the filmmakers responsible for the upcoming documentary film Adventures Into Digital Comics. During the audio interview the filmmakers discuss the people in the film, the motivation behind making it and the controversy the trailer has caused.

Sebastien Dumesnil and Robert Nichols will be appearing at the San Diego Comic Con on July 14 as part of a panel discussing their film and will be showing some completed portions of their documentary to attendees.
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Digital Strips Audio Conversation with Websnark and Scott Kurtz

We have just posted the third and final part of our interview with Scott Kurtz, the artist and creator behind PVP to the Digital Strips web site. This episode includes an extensive conversation with Eric Burns, the writer and creator behind the web comic review site Websnark. During the conversation we discuss the recent controversy over the Adventure into Digital Comics documentary, experimental comics, and webcomic fandom in general. Continue Reading


Announcing the “We Love Web Comics Contest”

The online audio show about web comics, Digital Strips, has just launched a contest in which the winner will get a stack of web comic books valued at over $120.00. Here’s a photo of all the comics being given away. All that they ask is that you submit a comic strip, page, or panel about the show and you’ll be entered into the random drawing. The contest is running for three weeks. Submissions will be accepted up through Friday April 29th. All the details can be found on the contest announcement page. Continue Reading