Kady Mae explains why people like webcomics (sorta).

Sequential Tart’s humorous “Dear Kady Mae” column has a laugh over webcomics.

Her answer to the question “Why do people like webcomics?” reads, in part: “And at home, if you have dial-up, you can read several pages, or even a whole issue of a paper comic between page loads!”

Ah, that wacky Kady Mae! Like most things in life, we laugh because it’s funny and we laugh because it’s true. Continue Reading


24-hour Comic Benefit Event

Dan and Katie Merritt, owners of Green Brain Comics, in Dearborn Michigan, are organizing a 24 Hour Comic Challenge on Saturday September 16. The event will be hosted in their store and is being planned as a fund-raiser for the Friends of Lulu.

If any of kind folk are in the area, they are invited to participate or to please pass along the invite to friends and family. The store is estimated to facilitate about 30 seated and creating individuals. Continue Reading

Open Soapbox: How Not to Make a Webcomic

Making webcomics is a tricky process. There are lots of articles, discussions and advisors that offer information about the theories, processes and sheer practicalities involved in taking the phrase "I’m going to make a webcomic" all the way to fully-realized, charming cartoon characters galavanting within panels and trading clever quips on the glowing computer monitors of every internet-wired home on the globe. What doesn’t get noted is that quitting a webcomic is also as nuanced and involved a business as starting one. Most people stumble backwards into it without a plan. Continue Reading