Awards for Comics: Consider the Reubens

This topic comes up from time to time and maybe it’s as good an excuse as any to ponder it again.  Unlike movies (OSCAR) or music (GRAMMY) there is no one clear-cut top award for the medium in the United States.  It seems to be largely because of the fractured history of different distribution models for comics in the US.  In any event the Eisners (largely thought of as awards for comic books) have included webcomics as a category in their program — should the Reubens (largely thought of as awards for comic strips in newspapers) do so as well?  That and other drama-filled topics inhabit the latest long comment thread at DailyCartoonist (Odd side note: a recent regular participant over there – Scott Kurtz of PvP – claims to have been banned).



Xaviar Xerexes

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