Ben T. Steckler, 2001 Ignatz Nominee, has a New Site with Toons for You!

“I’m Nobody Famous, Dammit!” is the unofficial Mantra of the Small Press comics artist. It’s also the title of the new website by its author, the master of the “f-ARTjoke”, minicomics artist Ben T. Steckler.

Steckler received a nomination as “Promising New Talent” in the 2001 Ignatz Awards. Fortunately for him, he says, that was the year SPX got cancelled, and there were no awards. He thus avoided having to explain why somebody with all his grey hair was considered “New”.

Art Lovers, and Victims of Flatulence alike should get a chuckle, and maybe a touch of borborygmy, at BenT’s “f-ARTjoke of the Week”. The feature pokes fun at art-snobs by turning famous works into fart parodies.

Fans of Wordplay will WOW and Yell, “Up a Pulley!” as they see the weekly “Evil Dr. Palindrome” cartoon.

There’s even a feature paying tribute to BenT’s punk influences as they leave this world, “Punk Rock Heaven”. Right now cartoons for Joey Ramone, and Screamin’ Jay Hawkins are there.

BenT has more stuff for you to see, but why don’t you check it out yourself. Just go to
“I’m Nobody Famous, Dammit!” and Get BenT!