Bohemian Trash Studios releases first line of books

Formed and operated by “Juno” Blair B. of Star Cross’d Destiny, Bohemian Trash Studios recently made it’s own mark on the webcomics-to-print venue with the release of three new books from webcomic artists represented under the label.

Bohemian Trash Studios, which is currently the roster of Juno (Star Cross’d Destiny), Sloo (Colorist for Dominion, creator of Nyctophobia), and Xero Reynolds (Konsekai: Swordwaltzer), has released its first publication line with the unveiling of three titles by each of the artists.
“SCD vol. 1” by Juno, “Sideshow of Horrors” by Sloo, and “Blood and Blade: Sketches from the War” by Xero Reynolds provide the opening mixed-genre salvo from the fledgling publisher. Bohemian Trash Studios, along with their respective creators and online comics, plan future releases for artbooks and other material for the properties involved, including music releases from both Juno and Xero.
Those interested in checking out the books should check here.