The Book Backlog As Of End of January 2009

I’ve fallen far behind on ComixTalk tasks since the start of the new year – plan to catch up, but in the meantime I thought I’d post a list of the books I’ve gotten from publishers and authors that are in my to-do box on my desk:

  • Pax Avalon by Steven "Reece" Friesen has an interesting looking cover (and included poster).  I’m +1 predisposed to any comic with a strong female lead in it (which this appears to be), in part because I have two daughters and they should not have to always identify with a guy protagonist.  Plus the press release from Herald Press says this is the "first graphic novel from a Mennonite publisher.  Well alrighty then…
  • Planet Saturday Comics by Monty Kane which is on the web but has a book out (Volume One) collecting several stories.  It is a great comic, somewhere between Calvin and Hobbes and The Wonder Years but still very much it’s own thing.  Another one my daughers liked part of very much.
  • Soul Chaser Betty by Brain "BMan" Babendererde which is a solid story of dream warriors with manga-flavored visuals.  We should have an interview with the BMan this month on the site.
  • Tales from Outer Suburbia by Shaun Tan which is really an illustrated kids (young adult?) book.  My daughters have read some of the stories and liked so I hope to get through all of it soon.  Visually it’s stunning and kind of makes me wish it was a true comic.
  • French Milk by Lucy Knisley which is a journal comic about Lucy’s stay in Paris France for a month.



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