BoxJam’s Doodle Returns

Timed to coincide with the one week in the whole universe people are least likely to notice, BoxJam’s Doodle will return on Monday, December 22.

BoxJam will, as always, be experimenting with form and content.

He has hinted that the form may shift from a crudely drawn webcomic to a “sort of fireside chat, maybe, or a very intimate talkshow,” and tantalizing sneak peeks at the upcoming pages include a cardiganed BoxJam and Carson Fire exchanging recipes, BoxJam and John Allison discussing foreign policy whilst playing at badminton, and BoxJam knitting flags for an orphanage while a bald eagle looks on.

BoxJam’s Doodle, providers of wholesome entertainment since 1999, is an autonomous subsidiary of Kraft Foods International, and trades on the NYSE under the ticker symbol BXJ.