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One year of Meredith Gran’s Octopus Pie.  No… LOLs…’Til BROOKLYN!!!

Diva Lea throws down some Cintiq tipsScott Kurtz offers his impressions after just getting a Cintiq.

Washington Post has an article on Marvel’s re-rise, business-wise.  A much more interesting Marvel-related article is a retrospective on the contributions of Jack "King" Kirby in the Independent. (h/t Journalista!)

Apparently Wizard is posting a list of its "top 200" comics characters of all time .  And Tom Spurgeon makes a pitch for why J. Wellington Wimpy is the greatest character of all time.  Wizard’s not done posting its list yet, but so they’re far all superhero story characters (except for one from Stangers In Paradise).  Sigh…  This would be a fun list to create for webcomics-based characters.  And probably a good way to crystalize how not-superhero the landscape of comics is online.



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