Broken Saints Now On DVD

Broken Saints is the Sundance Film Festival Award-winning and critically-acclaimed groundbreaking Web epic.

Now the techno-spiritual saga is available on DVD with completely revamped art and effects, a 5.1 Dolby Surround remix of the entire series (including optional VOICE NARRATION from industry pros including William B Davis (THE X FILES), Kirby Morrow (DRAGONBALL Z), David Kaye (BEAST WARS), Michael Dobson (TRANSFORMERS ARMADA), and Emmy Award Winner Janyse Jaud) and over 4 HOURS of additional features including Behind-the-Scenes Featurettes, documentaries, Fan Films, Concept Galleries, and Slideshows.

Other features on the DVD set:

– Future promotional features from industry leaders Discreet, Macromedia, Dolby, and Corel will showcase the technical strengths of the series to thousands of media professionals

– Extensive DVD-Rom features and countless hidden Easter Eggs

– Beautifully re-scored and remixed soundtrack by acclaimed series composer Tobias Tinker, as well as inspiring licensed pieces from Mozart, Luigi Cherubini, John Taverner, Radiohead, and Depeche Mode.

For an exclusive version of the series not available in stores until March 2005 go to (includes previews, samples, and the original award-winning Flash series.)

Xaviar Xerexes

Wandering webcomic ronin. Created Comixpedia (2002-2005) and ComixTalk (2006-2012; 2016-?). Made a lot of unfinished comics and novels.