Bye Bye Man Man

Got a note from James Duncan, the artist on Man Man this morning: 

Howdy XX,

Wasn’t sure if this was news worthy or not for the site, but Man-Man comes to an end today… after 7 years, 2 versions, and lots of work, we’ve finally taken a rest.  Matt’s still blogging, and working on his comics in print, and I’m going to doodle with my comic strip at, but for now we rest.  Anyways, I hope all is well, and thanks for supporting us when no one else did!


James and Matt are good peoples and Man Man was a good comic; a silly, but often quite witty spin on the superhero genre.  James’ art was always solid and Matt is an inventive writer.  Be sure to check out their new projects — I think their best stuff is still ahead of them.


Xaviar Xerexes

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