Call for Questions for Ted Rall

Ted Rall may be the most provocative cartoonist working today. The hardest-hitting editorial cartoonist is syndicated nationwide by Universal Press Syndicate. He also pens a weekly opinion column. If you don’t get Rall in a nearby newspaper you can read much of Rall’s work on his website.

Now is your chance to send a question to Rall. We’ll take the top ten moderated questions and send them off to be answered. One question per post please. The deadline for questions is October 15th.


Xaviar Xerexes

Wandering webcomic ronin. Created Comixpedia (2002-2005) and ComixTalk (2006-2012; 2016-?). Made a lot of unfinished comics and novels.


  1. At various times in the past (including a cartoon for The Comic Journal’s 200th anniversary issue, as I recall) you talked about a difference between what are considered fine art cartoonists and what you see as the really signifigant cartoonists. Do you still feel that way, and can you elaborate on the subject?

  2. You have a very distinctive art style. How did you develop it? What influences did you have for inking, character design, etc?

  3. Are you creating your work solely for US consumption, or do you feel that non-US readers would also enjoy it (I’m not sure if it appears in any places outside the US – does it?)

  4. Do you think your political cartoons can actually enlighten people and cause them to change their views, or do they only serve to further energize people who already share your views?

  5. Some of your comics on the web are colored; do you color them or does someone else, and do they appear in color anywhere besides the web?

  6. Will there ever be another book of The Worst Thing I’ve Ever Done stories? I enjoyed that collection as well as your ongoing political strips, but now it’s hard to imagine you doing any non-political comics.

  7. The Pat Tillman comic seemed edgier than others and frankly unfair because of the first panel’s “Will I get to kill Arabs” snipe. Although I totally agree that it is foolish to think Bush’s wars are nobly motivated by a desire to protect us from terrorism, I wasn’t aware of Tillman having expressed anti-arab views (as opposed to naive faith in Bush). Did he actually express anti-arab views, or were you taking liberties?

    I’ve heard plenty of anti-arab bigotry from some soldiers interviewed, so it seems fair to have a comic with a generic soldier saying it, but certainly plenty of other soldiers don’t share those views… if Tillman himself didn’t say such crap, do you think it’s truly fair to have him saying it in the comic? (If he did in fact say such stuff, I am sincerely curious to learn more info about it if you can supply any links to more info.)

  8. Is your opinion “anyone but Bush” or will you vote for the person you actually want to be president as opposed to the candidate that is more likely to beat Bush?

  9. How did you get involved in MoCCA? How is the fund drive coming along?

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