Catching Up with Catching Up with Modern Tales

Pre-server crash I had started working on jotting down some quick thoughts on the current Modern Tales line-up. Bascially after lots of Comixpedia-related work I was looking forward to reading some webcomics again! Well post-server crash it’s about time to return to the MT line-up.

Fancy Froglin– Liked the first story, hated the second one. Apparently Kochalka had some second thoughts about it too b/c he just shut it down with an apology and without a resolution. Not much yet to the “third” story.

Everyone should read Teach Baby Paranoia. Two recent ones were good. I wasn’t completely sold on the “Tiberius Day” serial (ended very recently) but it’s good that Johnson is trying new things.

Caleb’s latest effort Robot Barber is great art – but I love his visuals on all of his work so far. This one has a strange, unfocused story so far with quite a bit of a gross-out factor. I take it to be meant as over the top but it’s really hard to tell so far.

Ice is wonderful – but draw faster Hicks! Draw faster! This is possibly the best, most polished work I’ve read online since Nowhere Girl. It’s that good. It’s doubly frustrating than for it to update at such a glacial pace though.

Last for now, In Search of Ira by Jeff Crowther is already over and was a fin read. It’s a short tale that starts off as a riff on Frankenstein than manages to make some unexpected left turns. A bit short and a slightly unsatisfying ending but an entertaining piece of work. The art was great although I’m not sold on the muted color pattern – I wonder what drove that choice.


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