Catching Up With Jamie Robertson

Any notable portrayals of witches you’ve noticed since writing on the subject?

Sorcery 101 is the first comic that springs to mind as Kelhound joined Keenspot about a year ago.  It’s definitely in the realm of fantasy with vampires and werewolves lurking about along with Danny the Sorcerer.  I like how Kel’s world is firmly rooted in the real world and that the humor comes from the characters.  Although the characters are fanciful they speak from real life.

There’s always Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan in which the main character, Kel is a shapeshifter too.  Reinder’s witches aren’t always good, in fact they are written with a great appreciation for humans as they really are, but they are always entertaining.

I came across Life’s a Witch a few months ago through Comicspace.  The humor is like early "For Better or For Worse" only the main lead is a witch. Unfortunately the comic is no longer updating.

I’m just now getting into Witch and Cat, a comic about a seemingly normal girl thrust into a magical world along with a talking cat.  I like it so far.

I’m sure there are dozens more that I have missed due to the fact that I just don’t have that much time to read webcomics any more.

I’ve also been enjoying Joss Whedon’s Buffy Season 8 very much.  The show, which frankly ran out of steam on the tube, seems to have rejuvenated within comic form.  The best thing I like about it are the subtleties that Joss works into the story, something that works well in comic form.


Anything special webcomic-wise planned for this Halloween?

There’s nothing planned yet, but I’ll probably do a one shot for Halloween as I did last year.  I enjoy doing the Horror movie parodies.  For me as a kid Halloween was about Trick or Treat, going to the fireworks, (we had fireworks in my hometown on Halloween, I suppose to cut down on the tricks of trick or treat) and then staying up all night to watch Dracula, Frankenstein and the Wolfman.  So I may do something on that order.


How goes work on your own comics?

I’m still doing the COTC/Dracula story.  One of these days I’ll finish up. While I’ll never be satisfied with my own art, I think I can say in all modesty that I like the colors in COTC better than ever.  I hate to say this, but if I could make a living doing colors I think I would leave the rest behind.


Where are you located these days and what are you up to during the daytime hours?

I’m still in North Carolina and COTC and Sebo, the spin-off, is what I do in the daytime hours.  I count myself very lucky in that respect.


What are you planning on working on in 2008?

IF I finish the Drac story this year, all depends on my health, I do plan to take COTC into another direction.  I’ve grown weary of the apocalypse a week stories and want to do something different, more in line w/ older COTC stories, but with better art.  ;)  I plan to put some print comics out, though a collection of older COTC strips looks bleak.  In the old days I didn’t save them at highres and a lot of the originals were destroyed in a flood.  So, all I have of some is what’s online.  I definitely plan to put some Sebo strips out in print.  I hope to put COTC out in print in some form, but I’m not sure what that will be just yet.

Outside COTC I plan to continue my association with the North Carolina WebComics Coffee Clatch.  Founded by Larry "mckenzee" Holderfield of Sinister Bedfellows, the NCWCCC is one of many webcomics meetups across the country and the world.  I do a lot of the "backstage" work on the Clatch and ironically a lot of our members think I’m in charge of it.  Who knows?  I might be.  ;)  It’s a great group and we continue to grow with just over 50 members at last count.

‘ll also be continuing my association with Trinoc*coN, a small scifi/fantasy convention in Raleigh, NC. I’m their resident cat herder … I mean comic/webcomic herder. Soon enough I’ll have to start stirring the meow mix.  I’ll also be going to What the Hell?! Con, but someone else does the herding there.  I may be going to Balticon this year too, but not 100% sure yet.  We’ll see.

Thanks for this little interview.  It was fun. 

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