Catching Up with Modern Tales Part 6 Update!

Is the current Superfluous Leisure brillant or simply odd? It’s a photo of Gambrell’s sixth grade class with links to the entire class’ current activities as available on the web. (It even includes a photo of Dorothy herself.)

Fear Mongers by Joe Zabel is also a relatively (?) new series. (One thing MT doesn’t do well is give you a sense of when an installment was published.) Wow this is good. It isn’t often you find a comic that makes you cringe and jump. Lots of good things going on with the Fear Mongers – first off the panel form with the black and white 3D art evokes fifties television: The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits. That’s perfect for the story Zabel is spinning. Most of the dialogue has worked well too – very little stilted dialogue which is hard to do with this type of story. And where in other contexts the 3D art might be distracting, here with only a few exceptions it works very well – you forget that it’s 3D art and simply get into the story. I’m entirely creeped out by the latest installments and awaiting the next update.

I took a quick look at Gizmo and Gears – something is screwed up with their archives I think. Also the current installment is giving me a broken image – so maybe that’s messed up too. What I saw, interesting story premise, great art, a bit disjointed in the actual storytelling so far.


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