Catching Up With Modern Tales Part IV

Still diggin’ Ice. Updates so slowwwly… I wants my ICE!! Pretty please?

Narbonic. I like the current plot with Caliban. It’s already percolating like Peruvian coffee. It was also cool to catch up on Garrity’s Sunday strips. Shaenon and Andrew are like…, comic royalty now. I also caught Shaenon’s slice of her life strip about the San Francisco gay weddings. She practically draws a “journal” strip with her Sunday work. This one was good.

Dorothy Gambrell has another strip on Modern Tales, The Ralph Bunche. Man I don’t know what to make of this. Politics mixed with that unique Gambrell absurdist style of humor. It kind of works. Maybe. I certainly thought the North Korea/South Korea one was funny. Also the UK talking to Libya one.

Also I have no idea what this means, but Gambrell has an unused Webcomic Nation site.

Last I got to read The Streets of Northampton. This one screams “I’m English” to me from the art. Can’t put my finger on it yet but it looks like stuff I’ve seen before. Maybe it’s tapping into subconscious memories of Beenos I borrowed from my ex-pat friend down the street when I was a leeltil kid.

So what exactly is this one on about? Next up is a quick surfing trip to El Salvador and I realize that creator Chris Shadoian is American. There goes my English theory.

Yes you can read webcomics on the toilet!.

A longer story about an almost-famous Austrailan explorer is fine but what really caught my eye was the last two installments. This one in particular used this “fade” effect brillantly. Inspired really. The next “storyline” has just ended. This one was about a woman who went to the store, the library and than a movie. Bits were interesting. The art was clean and shiny.

I’m a bit torn about SofNH. It just smells of potential, clearly Shadoian has got some chops, both art and story-wise. But so far, at least what’s on MT, is a big mish-mash. Is it a journal, an anthology of short stories, random gag strips? Too little of anything yet to make a definite impression on me.


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