Ten Questions With Shaenon Garrity

Shaenon K. Garrity is one of the hardest-working cartoonists on the web today. She is working on or finished four critically acclaimed comic strips: Trunktown, L'il Mel, Smithson and of course, Narbonic (for which she is probably best known). She is also an editor for Viz and Modern Tales. She also volunteers at the San Francisco-based Cartoon Museum where her husband Andrew Farago is the Gallery Manager. That's a lot of comics goin' on…

She's also our community interviewee this month – read on to see your questions answered.

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When I Grow Up I Want To Be Jeff Rowland

Jeff Rowland is a serial webcomic creator. His first work was the old school When I Grow Up, his second the popular and well-received WIGU and his most recent work includes a journal comic called Overcompensating and a new webcomic called WIGU TV.

Read on for nine questions with Jeff Rowland. Why only nine? Because The Man wouldn’t let Rowland have ten questions.


How did you know the time was right to end WIGU?–alschroeder

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Mad Science and the Art of Comicking: Community Interview with Shaenon Garrity

Shaenon Garrity is the creator of Narbonic, L'il Mel, and More Fun, all published by Modern Tales subscription sites. Garrity’s first strip, Narbonic began in 2000 and features the antic antics of Helen Narbonic, mad scientist extraordinaire. She is widely considered to be not only a true creative talent but also a true thinker, with notable personalities such as Scott McCloud praising her many skills over the years. In the ensuing reader-run interview, Garrity talks about mad science, her experiences with freelancing and comics, and Joey Manley's Evil FactorTM. Continue Reading

The Community Interview with GPF’s Jeff Darlington

Jeff Darlington is responsible for one of the longest-running and most popular geek webcomics ever to exchange packets with your modem – General Protection Fault. Having started out innocently enough in 1998 with what looked like a gag-a-day strip with tech- and geek- humour, Darlington sneakily managed to take his webcomic to crazed serial heights, with the now-(im?)famous year-long mega story arc "Surreptitious Machinations".

In this Reader-run Interview, Darlington speaks about crossovers, women's sexuality, geek vs. gamer strips, and everyone favorite subject – crackpot scientists.

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