Cause I Repeatedly Act Like A Badass In Your Visual Space

Wow – lots of awesome MC Frontalot news (links lifted from including this Matt Boyd conducted interview with the MC himself.  But the main deal being winners of the video contest Frontalot ran for his new song Wallflowers (which is a heck of a catchy song).  Amongst the fan-submitted videos the winner was a stop-motion one which looks like it took a lot of work and really how much can you complain about toys dancing on top of a Merlin-game style floor.  But as far as concepts go I loved the one from fuzzy gerdes that took last runner-up.  I kind of think you could do a lot more visual funny with it then these guys did but I loved the low key style.  Quoting the MC himself, “Honorable Mention goes to: fuzzy gerdes who took the central idea of the song and did not let go of it.”

MC Frontalot – Wallflowers from Fuzzy Gerdes on Vimeo.



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