Check Out This Week’s Rockin’ Comixpedia Sponsors

A big thanks to everyone who is advertising with Comixpedia right now including these three great webcomics:

  • [UPDATED: We are also now running ads from Things Change by Derik Badman]
  • The Front by Jerzy Drozd which is action-packed comic goodness is heading towards its dramatic conclusion.
  • A Pirate's Life For Me by Iain Hamp is a comic about a reality tv show where contestants compete to be a pirate captain.
  • O'deer by Joseph Grevelli is about what Santa's reindeers do the rest of the year. Yuletide yaks abound!

We're also being sponsored this month by Comedy Central's Freak Show which is a new show from David Cross (everyone knows who David Cross is right?) and John Benjamin (he had something to do with Dr. Katz)

This year we've been running the Comixpedia sites on a dedicated box so our expenses are a big step up from past years. So please check out our sponsors – they're often very cool people and/or products and by checking them out you help keep Comixpedia free and running (fairly) smoothly and me from losing too much money (which makes Mrs. X happy)!


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