Checkerboard Nightmare Ends With Year Five

The webcomic satire institution Checkerboard Nightmare turns five years old this week, and to celebrate, it’s ending.

CxN will definitely return in a new form, but the strip for November 11, 2005 marks the end of its existing continuity. Read from the beginning of the storyline that’s sure to be the most important moment in human history ever.

Checkerboard Nightmare by Kristofer Straub is a part of Blank Label Comics.


Kris Straub


  1. Hmmm. Steve has been busy, he may not have had time to send out any press releases.

  2. So… this gets a headline, but the reboot of another Blank Label comic, Melonpool by Steve Troop, gets nothing, even though the entire archive for that title has just disappeared completely from the web?

  3. Hey anyone want to pay me to do this fulltime? I wouldn’t miss anything then. 🙂

    As it is – yeah if you bother to write up something newsworthy and submit it, it’s going to get posted. If you don’t then you take your chances that I or Erik see it. I don’t see a problem with that – it’s not that hard to send me a couple of sentences – either Steve or a fan of Steve’s could have done that.

  4. So’kay, it’s cool. Someone got it (the same “someone” who wrote this article — thanks!).

    Sorry if I came across poorly. I’m glad you take the time to keep up the site, even if I can’t pay up to make it your day/part-time jobs. It IS appreciated.

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