Checkerboard Nightmare Leaves Keenspot

Checkerboard Nightmare announced that it’s leaving Keenspot. Kristofer Straub writes that it was a business decision — “Any time a cartoonist can say ‘I’m making a business decision,’ it’s a positive thing.”

Checkerboard Nightmare’s departure from Keenspot also coincides with the debut of his new strip, Starshift Crisis, this coming Monday, May 23rd.




  1. The Keenspot Meltdown continues!

    Wow, this is intriguing. We were just complaining that there was no news in webcomics… and BLAMMO! Meltdown!

  2. There does seem to be an alarming amount of comics all jumping ship over at KS. Not the end of the world alarming but it makes you wonder if something else is up.

  3. I think it COULD be that a number of contracts are up all at once maybe? I dont know. I dont even know if they have contracts that bind you there.

    Creators should probably be allowed to split whenever they feel like it.

  4. There is no “your contract’s up” at Keenspot. Creators can leave whenever they want to, after giving notice, as per the contract.

  5. Bar one, a handful of comics that hardly ever update or nobody reads leave KS who just announce almost the same amount to replace them. “OH NOES!!! THE SKY IS FALLING!!!!!111”

    Anyway, Checkerboard Nightmare is, and always will be an unfunny, in-joke riddled, attention seeking waste of space. Knickers to it!

  6. What on Earth did I ever do to you, Foreman? You’ve wished failure and poxes on all the departing cartoonists. What’s gone and made you so incredibly bitter?

  7. Well that’s uncalled for, Al. Declaring someone’s work crappy and belittling their audience is no way to respond to a pretty benign comment. Besides, “People in glass houses…” and all that rot.


  8. Actually, of all the comics that are leaving Keenspot I think Checkerboard Nightmare was the only one I actually enjoyed reading.

    And is it just me or is “I’m making a business decision” quickly becoming the Webcomic industry’s equivilant to the Music industry’s “artistic differences”. Althought it’s certainly more honest because believe me working in the Music industry I can tell you it’s only the small bands that ever break up over “artistic differences”. Big bands only break up when they’re “making a business decision”.

  9. Jealousy of people leaving a big collective for greener pastures, I’m guessing…

  10. Actually I shouldn’t say “enjoyed” past tense. It’s not like I can never read it again now or anything. Oh wait…

    Aww crap. I just got an e-mail from Chris Crosby. Appearently Spotters and Spacers are no longer allowed to read any of the comics leaving Keenspot.

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