Kris Straub


  1. No one understands the forbidden passions of dictionaries.

    Sadly, the marriage has become loveless. I’m nailing a thesaurus on the side.

  2. I once got freaky with Mad Libs, it was pretty unsatisfying. Instead of screaming my name it just kept asking for a proper noun.

    Seriously though, this is pretty mind-blowing, ain’t it? Good things, I hope.

  3. UGH… this comic is fucking tired and old. No it's not. I enjoyed that thoroughly. Way to be topical Kris!

  4. You’ve invented a new webcomic category, Kris! Checkerboard Nightmare is now the first-ever immediate response topical webcomic!

  5. I think the most brilliant bit was the personification of Keenspot as a person wearing a Keenspot t-shirt.

    Satire, thy name is Straub.

  6. This satire isn’t niche enough. When are we gonna see a comic parodying comics that parody comics?

  7. While I find the Modern Tales news interesting, and I think it’s a great team-up, I think the news that we’ll be getting more great cartoons like these is much more exciting. Great work!

  8. Is it wrong that I’m spending so much mental energy trying to figure out what tune Chris Crosby could be whistling.

  9. My guess would have been “we’re having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave!”

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