Cinderblock Celebrates First Year!

Cinderblock’s First Year!

Cinderblock celebrates its first-ever anniversary on Wednesday, March 26th!

Coincidentally, this also falls upon the same day as Hotel Grim’s first birthday. Seeing as the two strips are basically the same except in art style, storyline, and characterization, this came as a totally surprise to no-one.

Come celebrate! Bring a friend.


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  1. And now, for an opposing viewpoint I just thought up…

    “Fie! Fie, I say!

    How DARE you waste news topic space on such a TRIVIAL thing as celebrating your ‘first year’, when you could be angrily rambling about the trials and tragedies inherent in producing a webcomic?! You didn’t even mention Scott McCloud (amen) ONCE!!

    A pox on you! May you be stricken with bot fly larvae, you unenlightened plebian! Oh, I mourn…”

    Thank you.

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