Cleaning up this huge mess of comic books and crap in my “office”

Basically I have this library-esque room in our house to do the bills and work on comics and websites. Unfortunately my organization methods can leave a lot to be, oh, desired is such a strong word, how about: garnered? Anyhow today I cleaned up lots but I have a couple of piles of swag and other stuff on the floor. Time to tackle the last mountain – what’s in there?

I’m A Rocker. I Rock Out. R. Stevens sticker from SPXPO.

A Led Zepplin: How the West Was Won cd. What? Don’t tell me you’ve never gotten the led out?

Daniel Lee and Andy Zipf cd. Haven’t listened to that one. One of those guys ought to get famous so this live track cd would be worth something.

There was a woman artist who’s name escapes me that I talked with at SPXPO. She had done a bunch of little mini-comics so I bought a couple. Here they are! It’s Fridge Magnet Concoctions — by Suzanne Baumann. She has a website at

Anyhow one of them is called Cleopatra’s Hats and the other Custard King. Cute, insubstantial, sort of like a fluffy pastry I guess. Actually Custard King (done way back in 1995) is only 15 panels long – Baumann manages to pack a lot of whimsy in 15 panels.

Moving on – a James Kochalka mini comic called Reinventing Everything #2. It’s really good. It’s powerful stuff – managing to weave from 9/11 to the birth of Kochalka’s son without being trite or striking a false note.

You Rock My Small, Self-Centered Universe. A sticker from Jon Rosenberg from SPXPo

Well one more for now: Snakepit/Scooterboy 12:34. Scooterboy is online – he’s the guy behind Young American Comics. I can’t tell what YAC is other than a hub for a group of cartoonists. Turns out Scooterboy 1234 is online at keenspace – an honest-to-gawd webcomic!

I decided to read Snakepit though and leave Scooter til later. Snakepit isn’t bad – it’s actually a bit like Jim’s Journal if Jim was a punk rock guitarist with an easy girlfriend (no offense meant to anybody this comic might actually be based on) – really low-key and almost monotonous at points. Still it’s appealing for some reason. Here’s some more details on Ben Snakepit – he doesn’t have any webcomics going but most Snakepit comics are available at the YAC site.


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