C’mon Baby! Let’s Do the Webcomic!

Well all’s quiet on the tryptophan front this morning… a big thanks to David LaMason, the creator of the webcomic Unbearable Bears, for creating on super-short notice our Thanksgiving cover art up top… if you’re ever trying to track me down, be sure to hit up the "where am I?" section at my other website xaviarxerexes.com… take a look at the comics event calendar for upcoming stuff to do — don’t forget you can subscribe to it; submit events to me (tweet to xerexes) or even volunteer to co-maintain it.

The Career Cookbook has an interview with Chris Hastings, the mastermind behind the webcomic Dr. McNinja.

Happy Birthday Mr. Jonathan RosenbergGoats is one of the first webcomics I remember reading.

Seth Kushner filmed a documentary on the ACT-I-VATE comics collective that you can watch at Newsarama.

I haven’t read the underlying case but TechDirt’s writeup of a lawsuit over a fictionalized portrayal of someone might be a red flag for comics creators.  (This sounds different than the (in)famous Tony Twist lawsuit against Todd McFarlane.  Twist’s win there was based on McFarlane profiting from using the "famous" Twist in the comic.)


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