Co-Creator of Dr. Lobster and Wrench Farm Passes Away

Michael Buonauro, webcomic creator/writer of Dr. Lobster, passed away very recently.

Known for his quirky and addictive humour, Buonauro proved a prolific writer, being a primary creative force behind Dr. Lobster as well as a number of other works, including Gamer Hotties, Marvelous Bob, and his most current ongoing collaborative project, Wrench Farm.

Jeff Lofvers, Buonauro’s long-time creative partner on many projects, posted this very à propos comment on the Wrench Farm website:

“He was a good friend and a talented writer. He will be missed.”



  1. My apologies for the error in date. My sincerest of sympathies go out to his friends and family.

  2. When he came to Phoenix once my friend Teel and I had him over to our house and went to lunch with him. He was a funny, absolutely nice guy. This is stunning to me.

  3. Such a shame. He was a real talent. 🙁

    (The date was May 28th, btw.)

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