Comic book discourages migration

Fascinating article at Washington Times.

“In the fictional village of San Gumer, an impoverished young man’s thoughts are candied by images of U.S. dollars, the Statue of Liberty, hamburgers and blondes posing with brand-new cars.

“‘It’s a paradise, brother,’ a veteran migrant named Checho devilishly tells Berny, the naive country youth who has lost his factory job and is tempted to migrate illegally from Mexico to the ‘Yunaites Staites.’

“From this scene forth, an unhappy tale of dashed dreams unfolds on the pages of a new comic book designed to show that illegal migration is no laughing matter. The 20-page comic features heroes and villains, tearful mothers, grieving widows and sage village elders.

“The comic is a popular attempt to reach people in a state where migration has emptied some villages of all their young men and some of their young women. Journeys over the border are claiming more and more lives.”