Comicon Sketch Dump – Part 2

All right, I've gotten behind in my sketch posting, so let's get some more up here. I've actually did get quite a few really good sketches, so there will be at least one more sketch dump post after this one.

If you missed part one earlier, be sure to check it out. As always, clicking on a picture will give you a larger version.

Charles.  Remember him?After getting sketches from PvP and Megatokyo, I had to finish off the Big 3 and get a sketch from Penny Arcade. And of course, in keeping with my "get a more obscure character to show your level of interest in the strip" policy, I just had to ask for Charles, the Mac enthusiast. Also because Charles is awesome, and I wish they'd use him more often in the strip. And that's a pretty awesome sketch.




Tycho fears the sun My roommate is very much a creature of the indoors. He went on a four hour canoe trip a couple of weeks ago and pretty much almost died from exposure to the sun. No joke. So he's always been a big fan of the "Tycho in a motorcycle helmet to protect him from the sun" jokes. And seeing how this exact image was being sold on a new Penny Arcade poster at the the con, what better time to get the sketch?




Pizza Girl!After hitting Blank Label and the Big 3, we headed on over to Dayfree Press. I went and talked to Jeph Jacques of Questionable Content and mentioned that I loved Pizza Girl and had gotten a sketch of her last year which I hung on my wall. I then asked him when Pizza Girl was going to get into the strip again. He said he was still trying to figure out a way to write her in, but he'd be happy to draw another sketch of her for me in the new style he would use. The result is the sketch you see. Pretty awesome. Looks like now I'll have two Pizza Girls on my wall.



Pintsize!And of course, what trip to the Questionable Content booth would be complete without a Pintsize sketch? This one was once scored by my roommate, and is pretty classic Pintsize, with him happily declaring that he's obtained the foreigner belt.

Which I'm sure will be a bad thing for us all.





AlAfter hitting Questionable Content we walked around the booth and saw Radioactive Panda, where we managed to score the single greatest deal of the con: A full-color Radioactive Panda book for only five dollars. WOW. That was a steal. And to top it off, Eric Johnson gave us a nice sketch of Al to complement the awesomeness.





Well, that's it for this sketch dump, as I've got to catch a plane. But keep checking back the next few days as I wrap up the con with more reports on panels and webcomic stuff, and more sketches! There's still more awesomeness to come.